Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Speculation on the fallout of Civil War# 2

“My name is Peter Parker and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was fifteen years old.”

Wow. Big big stuff in Civil War #2 this week, eh? I didn’t really expect them to go through with it, but I’ve got to give ‘em credit. "Any questions?" indeed.

I’ve long been in favor of letting things change and evolve in the Marvel and DC universes. I think imaginative writers can keep characters true to their core characteristics (in Peter’s case, his sense of responsibility) while changing their external circumstances.

There are, of course, dozens of ways to undo this in the Marvel Universe. Doctor Strange, The Beyonder, those are two of the toppa my head.

I’ll say I’m intrigued, with reservations. On one hand, for as much as Joe Q has been bitchin’ about the Spider-Man marriage, he may have just left a MUCH bigger mess for the next guy.

On the other hand, I think I know where they’re going with this. This is purely my opinion,but based on internet scuttlebutt, online interviews, and the story as presented, SPECULATIVE SPOILERS follow:

I think Peter’s revelation will give him a brief glimpse of the good life: Aunt May and MJ are proud, the government loves him, he’s in the spotlight, etc…
Then there’s a big Civil War battle. Peter, of course is tormented by his conscience. That’s when something terrible happens that causes him to defect to the other side.

Now he’s hated, hunted, and he’s pissed off half of the Marvel Universe.

Finally, in CW #7, we get back to Aunt May. Yes, for the last few days, May has been front and center, defending her nephew in the press and in public. The stress and activity have been bringing back old pains, and facing mobs of people burning her Peter in effigy isn’t helping. Now she’s found her way to the edge of the big final battle. Peter’s in there, and she wants to see him. She moves in closer. Rioters, demonstrators, and police are clashing at the perimeter of a huge superhuman brawl.

Peter, in combat with Iron Man doesn’t see his Aunt until it’s too late, and he holds her as she dies.

So in the aftermath, Peter has to disappear, and take a new identity. He and MJ would probably have to separate in a witness protection type deal, and Spidey has to start a new life with a new ID.

In New York, of course.

When people talk about what the elements of a “classic” Spiderman story are, a lot of the same concepts come up: loner. Hard-luck. Single. This direction would return those elements, at the cost of Peter Parker.

He’ll need a new name. I call “Ben Reilly”.

What do you think?

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