Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Statement o' Purpose

Hidely-ho, interneighbor!
My name is Brian Hughes, and I've been toying with the idea of starting one of these things for long enough!
Time to subject the world to my unwanted, unasked-for opinions!
Yay fun!
So, like I said, name’s Brian, 37, I’m an Electrical Engineer, and I have a beautiful wife and an awesome little son.
I love ‘em, but this ain’t about ‘em.
This is about my longtime love of comics. I’ve been reading them all of my life, it seems, and I somehow still get my thrills keeping up with the twists and turns in all their plotlines. It started with an issue of “Marvel Tales” whose primary focus was Harry Osborn out of his mind on drugs, and it was all downhill from there.
For awhile, I only read Spideys, through which I was dimly aware of the larger Marvel Universe. Then a neighbor loaned me five grocery bags of mid-70’s Marvels, and of course, I was gone.
Hooked for life.
So look for a variety of crap here, as I figure out what I want to write about. I wanna share my love of the original old Marvel super villains (The Beetle, MODOK, Porcupine- I heart them all). I want to write about new comics, but I probably won’t review them. Some of the comics in those bags I mentioned earlier were “Howard The Duck” and I want to talk about that.

Incoherent ramblings? Only if you’re lucky!
I don’t know how prolific I’ll be, but I’ll strive to always bring the finest quality poorly researched entertainment to you, the comic-blog reading public!

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