Saturday, July 08, 2006


SPOILER WARNING: I’m going to discuss events in this weeks comics, specifically BEYOND! #1 so if you don’t wanna be SPOILED, read that first, then come back.

Sincerely – Spoily McSpoiler III

This was the most-anticipated book of the week for me. Dwayne McDuffie wrote some of the best episodes of the outstanding Justice League Unlimited TV show, and when I heard about BEYOND! I knew it was a must-have.

The basic setup of BEYOND! is simple: Combine 1984's Secret Wars # 1 with an interesting mix of modern-day B- and C-Listers, and watch the fur fly. McDuffie chooses a fun mix of characters, as the Beyonder repeats his cosmic combat challenge to the likes of The Hood, Kraven the Hunter, Gravity, Medusa, Venom, and others.

By the way, I've never been a big fan of Venom, Eddie Brock style, but I quite like seeing Mac Gargan in the role, his ascension to the big time. The tail added in this issue was a perfect idea, adding something of the Scorpion to Venom's existing schtick.

Medusa has also been underused, and she 's among the abducted. she gets a good scene with Spider-Man, and looks to throw down with Venom next.

Can I cast my vote for Gravity to take up the "relatable everyman" character? You know, the role that everyone seems to think is essential to Spider-Man, but that he in fact long ago vacated? He's the POV in this issue, so he gets some good screen time here.

I'm one of the few who enjoyed Get Kraven, so I dug seeing him in here. I fully expected that the next time someone used him, they'd get nostalgic, and make him act like his dad. "I have taken on the spirit of my father..bla bla bla..." I'm glad they didn't go that route.

I like the art too.

So in short: BEYOND!#1 = Again with the Comics APPROVED.

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