Friday, July 28, 2006

Time to do what I do best: Ruin it for everyone.

Sorry for the lack of posting around here. I've been wrestling with a particularly difficult article about a character I'm really really starting to hate. It will be fat packed with spite and bile.

I don't necessarily mean I hate the (fictional) person. She's really quite nice. I mean "hate" in the same way I might say: “I hate the Big Wheel because he represents a conceptual turn for Spider-Man villains from “Ridiculous” to “Fucking Ridiculous”. But Jackson Wheele was a lovely chap.

I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of the Big Wheel.

AstroCity Special #1 came out yesterday, and it was outstanding. Busiek and Anderson introduce us to Samaritan's archenemy, Infidel. Dosen't that guy look cool? Busiek crafted a rich engaging story of two old enemies discussing their differences over a fine meal. I remember reading an article online a couple of years ago in which Busiek broke down the whole process of developing Infidel, so it's nice to finally see him in a story. Cool new character, great comic, you should buy it.

More later.

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