Friday, August 04, 2006

Character Obscura: NEON the UNKNOWN

Who is the guy pictured in this entry from The DC Comics Encyclopedia? Because it's not Neon The Unknown. Neon, as described above, looked like this:

All right, stop snickering. That's how they rolled back in tha' GA, yo.

All I can find online about Neon is about the 1940s version, and nothing about this neon-accented fellow. All accounts have him dead at Pearl Harbor. Neon tubes were not common in 1941, so I can't see that being an alternate costume for Corbett. It looks like a Tom Grummet design to me, and that's his drawing style so maybe neo-Neon was intended for use in The Power Company.

I have no idea. Do you, dear reader?


Mars said...

Well, he has an 'N' emblazoned on his chest, so I'm guessing it's an unused redesign.
Fun blog. Bookmarked.

samecool11 said...

Could even be a mistake...? I mean, my trusted source on comics( has zilch on him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you never got an answer for this...this was a character called Neon that was used very briefly in the 90s Superboy series.

Brian Hughes said...

Ah, hence the Grummet design. Thanks, anon.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you never came across more, it is a new Neon. There is a good picture and summary here:

Hope that helps clear things up!