Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This Weeks Haul: August 9, 2006

SPOILER WARNING: I’m going to discuss events in this weeks comics, specifically
BEYOND! #2, Superman #655, She Hulk #10, and Front Line: Civil War #5. If you don’t wanna be SPOILED, read those first, then come back.

Sincerely – Spoily McSpoiler III

BEYOND! #2: I've raved about this already. In this issue: Medusa doles out some retribution, my favorite Hank Pym persona in making-little-things-big "action", the whole gang gets a hairball, respect for the dead, and a couple of surprise guest appearances. Dwayne McDuffie is fast becoming a favorite, delivering a briskly-paced series of solid character moments with not a scene wasted.

I also enjoyed Superman #655, where we catch up with Lana Lang and Supes gets to throw down with an ugly new menace. I especially like the way Busiek has upgraded Superman's powers in an unexpected way that seems brand new, but hearkens back to the Silver Age:

LOVE. IT. Batman's gonna be so jealous...

She Hulk #10. Kudos to Dan Slott for keeping this book fun while all the Civil War is raging around it. Plus, Ruby Thursday's in it:

Yes, Ruby, thats exactly what I mean. Ruby's a member of the HEADMEN, another Again With the Comics favorite. (Surprise, surprise).
This issue also debuts Rick Burchett as the new penciller, and I really like what I see. Burchett's been around awhile now, formerly on DC's Batman Animated comic, and I like how his style has evolved here. Kind of reminds me of Shulkie's second penciller, Mike Vosburg. There's fun in this issue, but things are getting heavy, and several hearts are going to break before this "Starfox-slips-Space-Roofies-to-everyone-in-the-cast" storyline is over. I dread what's coming for poor Awesome Andy.

Front Line: Civil War #5: Most of the issue was fine, but that last story was just painfully misguided. Please, comics, don't try this sort of thing. Why, yes, brother versus brother in a heartbreaking struggle to define the future of America is exactly like Spidey and Shellhead socking it out with Captain Bright Red Telephone Head!! Ech.

Later, squares.

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