Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Again With the Comics apologizes to Ultimate Arnim Zola

In my previous post, I mentioned my disappointment in Ultimate Arnim Zola. Specifically, I said that he “sucked”. Well, I had a follow up entry all written, about how badly they screwed up the design, and how badly they missed the point. The point being that Arnim Zola was a mad Nazi scientist who lopped off his own head, grafted it to his abdomen, and replaced it on his neck with a lil Kirby box that shot psychoblaster rays. I argued that Ultimate Arnim Zola missed the point by being just a big android with a TV screen strapped to his chest.

Um, well, then I went out on the web to find pictures of Penultimate Arnim Zola, I found this. And it turns out I completely misremembered Arnim Zola’s Origin. Arnim Zola was a mad Nazi scientist who had his mind copied into the body of a superhumanly strong, genetically manipulated clone of his weak original body in the standard Marvel Universe too. The little scamp went and relocated his brain in the chest cavity where it would be better protected. I guess he chucked the heart, being evil and all. Ultimate Arnim Zola is all meaty and organic looking with a screen on his chest, so fair enough, I guess.

Again With the Comics apologizes to fictional character and disgusting genetic abomination Ultimate Arnim Zola who is, in fact pretty faithful to the original. I still like this version better:

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