Friday, September 01, 2006

Character Obscura: 3-D Man

Created in the 70's, set in the 50's, 3-D Man was created by writer Roy Thomas to fill that era's superhero void. Exposure to radiation from a Skrull UFO gave NASA test pilot Chuck Chandler triple the strength and speed of a normal human, but at the cost of being merged with his brother, Hal. It was one of those Sleepwalker situations, where Hal has to go comatose so Chuck (as 3-D Man) can come out and do his 3-D thang. So basically, 3-D Man is three times stronger, three times faster, but the rest of the time, Chuck is resigned to living some other dimension in his brother's subconcious? That sacrifice-to-power ratio SUCKS. That costume is freakin' sweet, though.


Spencer Carnage said...

Is that Quietly on art?

Brian Hughes said...

It is. From a variant AVENGERS FOREVER cover.

Matthew E said...

Not only do I remember 3-D Man from a comic I had when I was really little, I remember the feature Dragon Magazine did where, in relation to the Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing Game, they featured two obscure superheroes, 3-D Man and Blue Shield (who I also remembered from an old issue of Dazzler...)