Friday, September 29, 2006

Character Obscura: Alpha Centurion

Now here's a unique and visually striking character that just dosen't get much exposure. He's got a silver-agey vibe to him, but he was created in the 90's. Initially a modern day version of all those super-rivals like Hercules, Mighty Man, Power Man, etc, that showed up to court Lois and upstage Superman in the Weisenger-era books, he stayed in Metropolis for a while and became a solo hero. He eventually was lost in the shuffle of the enormous Superman supporting cast, and written out. I thought he had died or turned evil or something, but everything I've read suggests that he's still around in the DC Universe. Now I'm worried he'll be cannon fodder in the next crossover massacre. Such is the eventual fate of obscure comic book characters.

I'd like to see him used somewhere. He's got a great costume, and a Super Roman Centurion guy is actually a pretty cool, unique concept. He's got potential. He also had a one shot comic, pictured below.

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