Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Character Obscura: Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden made her one and only significant appearance in JLA Eighty Page Giant #3. In the story, it turns out that Moon Maiden is a forgotten casualty of a forgotten crisis, The Century War. She had gravity manipulation and "lunar madness" inducing powers, and was a long time member of the JLA before being retconned out of existence, and this tale dealt with her reintroduction to a JLA that had forgotten her. They seem to have forgotten her again, as I've never seen her since. I wonder if she's been re-retconned by Infinite Crisis?


Fortress Keeper said...

I think Moon Maiden was supposed to cover for the absence of the original Supergirl, before DC finally decided to give Power Girl that role.

At any rate, thanks for reminding me of her. You've got a great blog!

Brian Hughes said...

That trick never works - just ask Iron Munro, Flying Fox, Neptune Perkins, and Fury!