Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Character Obscura: THUNDRA

Thundra was far from obscure in ‘70s Marvel comics - she was everywhere for awhile there. Created during the feminist movement, she was probably Marvel’s first truly strong (in a physical sense) female character. She may have been Marvel’s answer to Wonder Woman by way of Big Barda. A time traveller from the 23rd century, Thundra comes from a future where Earth is renamed “Femizonia”, and the United States is renamed the “United Sisterhood Republic. Also, manacles are now called femicles, manatees are womanatees, and the very richest, most sucessful women live in m’aam-sions.*
She initially came to present-day Earth to beat the Thing (mistakenly identified to her as the strongest man on Earth) in hand to hand combat to demonstrate female superiority. Instead, she fell in love with the rocky man-brute, and stayed around for a few years pursuing him. Eventually, she settled down with Arkon, a thunderbolt-hurling, otherdimensional barbarian-type character, and left our era to join him on his homeworld Polemachus. As far as I know, both were last seen being wiped out by Krona in JLA/Avengers, but that may not “count”, as it was an intercompany crossover, and probably not canon. She’ll be back.

*I'm so sorry.


Tom Foss said...

Wow. If ever there was a case of the old "strong independent woman just needs a real man to tame her and straighten her out" cliché, it sounds like that's it.

Reminds me of that Preacher issue, where Jesse makes the feminist and conservative talking heads tell what they really want, and both respond "dick."

The Dane said...

Actually, Thundra strikes me as less of the taming cliche and more just a woman with a particular set of values demanding that any man she could fall for would meet those values. It's not like she would be subjugated by Ben Grimm into becoming the little homemaker. But like all of us, she is susceptible to the kind of affecting of one's being that comes part and parcel to love - and like most of us, she only falls in love with those who meet her requirements in a lover.

Pere Ubu said...


A winner is you!

P.S. and they call it "mistressbation" there.