Friday, October 13, 2006

AAAaaahhhhhh!!! MODOK's 11!!


Mentioned in this weeks JOE FRIDAYS column: an upcoming new Supervillain Team-Up series by writer Fred Van Lente featuring MODOK leading a hand picked band of supervillains in the greatest heist ever!

(Weeping) It's like a dream I never dared dream... f-finally coming true!

For those of you new to Again With the Comics, MODOK is the shit. The perfect, most demented* creation of Jack (King) Kirby, MODOK may well be the greatest comic book character of all time.

I am not alone in my devotion to MODOK.

On this second cover, I see The Chameleon, Mentallo, Werewolf By Night(?), Some...lady?, and maybe the Living Laser.

The third cover features the Spot and awesomeness, two elements that I don't believe have ever coexisted before.

With his sweet ass bowl cut and his awesome mental skills, MODOK towers above us all. I don't even hold a grudge for the time he took over this blog. He's been woefully absent from Marvel comics, so I'll be first on line for MODOK's 11. The addition of 10 more obscure old Marvel supervillains is only icing on the cake!

*Actually, Kirby's Kraziest Kreation is probably Paranex, the Fighting Fetus...


Chris said...

It's Chameleon, Nightshade, Mentallo, Living Laser and Puma.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Vermin instead of Puma?