Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Again With the Comics: Foremost authority on Doctor Mayavale

I just found out that Again With the Comics is the #1 Google hit for Doctor Mayavale. That's a bit of all right, as the Brits probably don't say. To celebrate the occasion, here's a page from Legion of Superheroes #268 featuring Dream Girl giving Mayavale the ass-kicking he so thoroughly deserves:

This issue was published shortly before Paul Levitz started writing the book, and predates his recasting of Dream Girl as one of the smartest, most competent Legionnares. She even served as team leader for several years, acquitting herself quite well.

You go, (Dream) girl! And to think, it all started with Doctor Mayavale!


Michael said...

Well at least you haven't done The Space Circus of Death story yet.

Brian Hughes said...

I'm always up for a good, goofy LSH tale. I have a friend who has that issue, and I think I'm gonna have to ask him to dig it out for me. By popular demand!