Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Change ahead for THUNDERBOLTS

Interesting things are going to be happening in Marvel's THUNDERBOLTS title soon, as Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato Jr. take over writing and art of the title.

Thunderbolts is a book I’m predisposed to like, being populated solely by obscure Marvel super villains. It initially got a lot of mileage from a jaw-dropping surprise at the end of the first issue. Since then, it's not always been the best comic, but every time I think I'm done with it, they do something awesome, and I'm back on board.

I'm intrigued by the Team lineup Ellis has chosen. I can see why he picked these characters, as they seem in line with his sensibilities. He's kept a surprising number of the earlier team: Moonstone, Songbird, Radioactive Man, and Swordsman are all present. New members include Green Goblin to lead. I always hated that they brought Norman Osborn back, but if he is back, I guess they may as well put him to good use. I really dig the new Mac Gargan version of Venom, and Bullseye I can take or leave. Then there’s Penance, a new mystery figure. One big sick family!

No Mach IV unfortunately. Now I feel like he’s got a target on his back. Let’s hope Nicieza kills him off, and not Ellis. Getting waxed by Fabian is basically a year-or-so time out before you’re hopping up out of a containment pod or some damn thing.

Ellis is a good choice for writer, but I’m not too bowled over by Deodato as artist. His work has always been very inconsistent, as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully Ellis brings out his best, but we’ll see. Should be interesting!

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