Thursday, October 26, 2006

Character Obscura: Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man made his first and only appearance in Animal Man #27-32, the six-issue Peter Milligan tale that followed Grant Morrison's initial run. In Milligan's story, Buddy Baker, a.k.a. Animal Man, wakes from a three month coma to a world that is like his own, but strangely different. A different man is president, Marvin Gaye is alive and well, Hitler was captured and tried. In Buddy's own life, his happy marriage is all but over.

To make matters worse, Buddy is quickly conscripted to protect the President from the Angel Mob, a family of psychotic, superhuman children. His partner: the molecularly displaced freak known as Nowhere Man.

Nowhere Man survived a tormented childhood to join a traveling freak show, where he found happiness and love for a time. He eventually got involved in making seedy blue films with two other third-raters, the Front Page and the Notional Man, and got on their bad side stealing their profits.

Nowhere Man's bizarre speech is a result of using a technique of intercutting his speech with William S. Burroughs quotations to make his molecularly displaced thoughts at least partially intelligible. He talks funny.

He turned out to be a good guy, and a friend to Buddy. Eventually, Animal Man found his way back to his own reality, and Nowhere Man was left behind on that strange shadow world. We haven't seen him since, but I can't see any good reason that he couldn't show up in the contemporary DC Universe. Everyone else is popping up in 52, why not Nowhere Man?

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