Thursday, October 26, 2006

Many Happy Returns

The last couple of weeks of comics have seen the welcome return of a few old faces. Regular readers will, I'm sure, be stunned to learn that I also dig the swanky new model EGG FU, an update of the most racially offensive Wonder Woman villain of all, (and that's really saying something). Here he is, souped up and ready for the new DC Universe, courtesy of 52: Week 25:

Groovy. Now he looks downright creepy. Nice redesign, and what a great reveal for the mastermind of the "kidnapped scientists" subplot. He's a soured, cracked egg. With pinchy things.

Over in Nextwave#9, Number None has brought to life the Not Brand Ecch cast of Forbush Man, Charlie America, Giant Sam, and the frankly Indigestible Bulk:

That Warren Ellis, what a scamp! In Civil War:Choosing Sides, we get the return of Howard the Duck:

I have mixed feelings about this one. I liked this story, got a genuine laugh or three, and thought that Ty Templeton did as good a job as anyone who isn't Steve Gerber ever has of capturing Howards voice. I'm actually a big fan of Templeton and artist Roger Langridge, who did a fine job, with an especially cute Bev.
But. I think Howard is one of those characters best written by his creator. I don't see why Gerber couldn't have written this, and I'm mystified as to why they can now draw Howard looking more-or-less like his original form again. In his last Gerber-penned miniseries, Howard was transformed into a mouse of all things to avoid Dinsey mandated appearance changes. In this story, he's wearing pants but otherwise basically looks like himself. I don't get it, but I didn't hate this.

My five-year old son is now fascinated with Owlman and Ultraman, as seen in Superman/Batman Annual #1:

He spent a good part of this snowed-in afternoon playing Owlman, but he assured me that "Owlman is good now, Daddy!" fifteen or sixteen times.
He's Batman crazy, and he kind of gets that Owlman is the Evil Batman, but I doubt he gets the alternate earth stuff yet. He has his own copy of JLA: Earth 2, so he knows all about the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. I always enjoy seeing the CSA, as I'm a total mark for "evil versions" of Superheroes.
I'm happier than a bouncing Julie Schwartz head to see the return of Ambush Bug to the DCU in 52: Week Twenty-Four:

Finally, Again With the Comics always welcomes your return, dear reader!


Spencer Carnage said...

I love me some Crime Syndicate. And, uh......what's up with that Egg? Was there really an evil egg called Egg Fu? I'm a Marvel guy and we don't really DO eggs.

Brian Hughes said...

I forgot to mention the "good" Deathstroke, too. That was a laugh. There was a JLA Secret files a couple of years ago that introduced the heroes of Earth-2, Including a gentleman Grundy, A heroic Riddler, and a female Sonar. Earth-2 is great.

Egg Fu was a Wonder Woman villain who resembled a caricature of an Asian man, including stilted "Engrish" and a giant handlebar moustache that he used as "arms". Google it, it's worse than it sounds.