Sunday, October 01, 2006

This Weeks Haul: October 1, 2006

SPOILER and SEVERED HEAD Warnings apply.

I’m really excited to hear that Dwayne McDuffie will be taking over the writing of Fantastic Four after JMS. Straczynski’s take on the FF never really did it for me, with the exception of Ben’s windfall, a great idea he really never did much with. McDuffie has been doing great work on BEYOND!, and a recent FF one shot convinced me that he understands the team. Of course, he'll be taking the FF through their post Civil War transition, so I doubt he’ll even be working with the classic Four, but I have a lot more confidence in the future of the title now.

After reading Amazing Spider-Man #535, I’m thinking Tony Stark must be under some kind of mind-control. Again. It’s not like it’s never happened before. He’s been controlled by Kang, the Scarlet Witch, and Justin Hammer. He’s a way bigger loose cannon then the guys he’s been locking up, for sure. This whole negative Zone detention thing is screwy, and I can’t imagine that some supervillain, or Professor X or Moondragon isn’t pushing him along mentally. Maybe this guy is up to his old tricks:

In Secret Six #4, We get another dose of the new Doom Patrol:

I really dig this version of the DP, integrating the Teen Titans Vox and Bumblebee and combining a little something from every previous incarnation, including a taste of the weirdness of the Morrison era. Oh yeah, the Secret Six stuff is good, too. That last page…!

JSA Classified #17 reveals a Link between Bane and the Hourman family. I’ve always liked Hourman, and Bane has grown on me, so I liked this.

True Story, Swear To God #1 came out this week, great as usual. This is one series even my wife reads, and is highly recommended.

As a dad, the best scene of the week was from this weeks Batman #657:

Later, we see that kids do, in fact, do the darndest things:

Okay, that’s a time out mister!

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