Monday, November 06, 2006

Again With the Comics Recommends "Fred The Clown"

I spent part of Sunday re-reading my copy of Fred the Clown, by Roger Langridge.

Fantagraphics Books usually publish some outstanding, high quality books, and Fred the Clown is no exception. This is just one beautiful book, from cover to cover. Langridge puts the titular clown through his paces in this volume with some of the most visually inventive cartooning it's been my privilege to enjoy. Fred is Langridge's hapless goon of a clown protaganist, chasing love through his vintage cartoon world. There is some fantastic art in this book. Look at the sheer imagination and craft in these two facing pages:

The rest of the 192-page book is just as beautifully illustrated. I was aware of Langridge's work before, but this really put him up there on my list of top cartoonists. In short: If you see Fred the Clown, get it!

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