Thursday, November 16, 2006

Character Obscura: Red Raven

Red Raven first appeared in 1940, in the first and only issue of Red Raven Comics. His daffy origin consisted of infant Red Raven's parents flying their private plane into a cloud. That's really not a good idea, especially when said cloud is concealing the floating island home of a long-forgotten race of bird people! The plane crashed into the island, killing both parents instantly, so the bird people raised the baby as their own, giving him functional artificial wings. That happened a lot in the old days. You just weren't a proper superhero if you weren't raised by apes, aliens, robots, or members of secret hidden societies.

Red Raven fought with the Liberty Legion during World War 2, until he returned to his people. He later pulled a Namor and attacked the human race. Retcons were added to his origin when it was revealed that his bird people were a group of seceded Inhumans. Red Raven recently returned to fight/work with the Defenders, with a new look and a Fox attitude. He seems to alternate between birdlike and batlike wings, but since they're artificial, I guess he could have more than one pair and type of wings.

Here's some more about Red Raven's insanely convoluted backstory.

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Spencer Carnage said...

I like how Dr. Strange and Namor are chilling in the background all smug like, as if they're saying something along the lines of "if only we could said Hulk's annoying ass into space..."