Sunday, November 26, 2006

Civil War #5 (and Affiliated Titles) Round-Up!

Civil War #5: This was a soothing lullaby compared to previous issues. In this issue we find that the Human Torch and Invisible Woman have Joined the anti-registration side, Spidey's defecting, the Punisher's back, and Daredevil's been captured. My only major problem with this issue is that there's no way Spider-Man should have had any problem with the Jester or Jack-O'-Lantern, let alone getting so thoroughly trounced by them as he did here. Millar seems to see Spidey as an incompetent punching bag, as his 12-issue stint on Marvel Knights Spider Man showed Peter being beaten, battered and outwitted at every turn. At least there, he was besieged by pretty much his entire rogue's gallery all at once. Obviously, the Jester/Jack-O'-Lantern scene would have worked better if Spidey had been ambushed, poisoned, and beaten by the Green Goblin, Venom, and the other heavy hitter Thunderbolts before escaping and then being cornered by the two tomato cans. But such is the lot of the armchair quarterback. I quite liked the Daredevil scene, by the way.

I have to admit, this page kicked Ass, the whole Ass, and nothing but the Ass:

I've seen quite a bit of criticism of the Civil War series, and it's frustrating because most of the plot holes people are complaining about could be addressed with a line or two of dialogue.
"Cap, why do we need this psycho to get into the Baxter Building? We have Johnny and Sue! They lived there for years!"
"Richards knows them better than anyone! He's locked them out and every angle they've tried to get back in has washed out."
Something like that. I still maintain that Civil War is better and more involving than any other line-wide crossover Marvel have done... which isn't exactly shooting for the stars, but it's a big improvement over past performance, and sometimes that's the best you can hope for.

Amazing Spider-Man #536: Welcome back, Peter.

Punisher War Journal #1: Ummm....mixed feelings? For everything I liked, there was something else that really rubbed me the wrong way. Hated the Stilt-Man killing, loved the "New Microchip". Hated the elderly-man-torture, loved the Spider-Man rescue. We'll have to see where this goes.

New Avengers #25 and Iron Man #13: Both basically said the same thing, but Tony gets his own Mary-Sue-by-way-of-Jerry-Garcia in the Iron Man comic. Executive Summary: Tony Stark is conflicted, and breifly "emo", but continues to support the registration.

More later, no doubt.


Anonymous said...

Eh, I think Blogger deleted my first comment. Sorry if it doubles up.


Yeah, I agree that I too often feel like the only one out there that likes Civil War. Isn't it all just supposed to be one big fun slugfest with a nice stilted message in it? I always took it just for it's sheer splash page value.

Yeah, poor Stilty! I liked how Spiderman was actually Spiderman in the Punisher version and cracked wise even while being carried away. Multiple viewpoints? How post-modern.

Nice post! Peace!

Brian Hughes said...

Well, Marvel doesn't need l'il old me to defend CW, but I want to point out that this is much more ambitious than their usual Atlantis Attacks/Secret Wars type of crossover. There are just as many inconsistencies, illogical plot threads and mistakes in any one of those crossovers, but I guess people don't complain as much because all the heroes are pals and the don't have as much of an opportunity to behave "out of character". CW is not perfect, but I'm diggin' it.

Different POVs explain a lot of the seeming contradictions quite nicely. I like it!

Spencer Carnage said...

As exciting as I was on what looked to be a promising new Punisher comic by an up and coming writer that seemed half way decent, everything I've seen about War Journal seems really bad. As if Matt Fraction was trying to channel Warren Ellis. And not the Warren Ellis that was good.

Government Space Gun? Sorry, but that doesn't really make me think of the punisher. It makes me think of indie comic guy who is still trying to hang on to his indie cred while playing in Marvel's sandbox. He's not writing for punisher fans, he's writing for the Engine.

But damn, that Iron Fist preview looked ahsome.

Jack Norris said...

Not for Punisher fans?
...I might just have to check this one out.
(Sorry, but I just couldn't resist. It can be frustrating being a comics fan who loathes the Punisher - for instance, I really enjoy Garth Ennis's writing, but have had to deny myself a significant chunk of his work because of this.)
Maybe I'll go reread the story of how he was ruined & cancelled not to return for years to brighten my day...

The Mutt said...

The Punisher in the doorway with Spider-Man definitely kicks ass. I love how you can see the trail of their wet passage down the hall, but I have to chuckle at how Frank has color co-ordinated the little white buckles on the strap of his Very Large Gun so they wouldn't class with his skull logo when he slung the VLG over his shoulder just so.

And isn't "Get HIM a medic!" what you really mean to say?

Brian Hughes said...

That's one psycho who knows how to accessorize.