Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More About MODOK's 11

From a Newsarama interview with Fred Van Lente about Super Villain Team-Up: Modok's 11 with artist Francis Portela:

FVL: As the title implies, it's about the super-heist of the century: Modok, sick of being hunted and hounded by AIM, gathers together an eclectic team of Marvel's Most-Wanted for one big, spectacularly impossible score... The opportunity for which would not be possible without the events of Civil War. While the heroes are distracted by in-fighting, the villains are free to flourish ... The ones that don't actually work for the government, that is.

Wow, looks like they might actually give 'DOK a personality, something he's always pretty much lacked. From the sample art, it looks like we'll be seeing his origin in this as well. I forgot that poor ol' George Tarleton was an unwilling participant in A.I.M.'s little gourd-expanding experiment. There was also a couple of pages shown earlier in the week that gave us a look at his team:

Looks like Armadillo, the Spot, the Living Laser, the Chameleon, the Rocket Racer, aaand...I still don't recognize the woman. A nice mix of misfits. Best of all, apparently they travel around in...BIG WHEEL:

Jackson Wheele is back in business, baby. I'm really looking forward to Modok's 11. It's interesting to see the old Marvel villains getting a pretty substantial push into the limelight, with books like this and Thunderbolts exploring the more complex side of characters who have, until now, been largely ciphers.


coco67 said...

Is that the Puma?

Brian Hughes said...

Yeah, I think it is the the Puma. Which is kind of odd, because as far as I know, he's not really a villain and has plenty of money. I haven't seen him in awhile, though, so who knows what his deal is now.