Thursday, November 09, 2006

Spider-Man 3: A First Look at VENOM?

Here's (possibly) a look at Venom, from Spider-Man 3:

UPDATE: This may be a picture of Venom from a Spider-Man 3 videogame, based on the upcoming movie. If so, this site also has pictures of Harry Osborn in a sleek looking goblin-esque getup, as well as a traditional looking Sandman by way of Thomas Hayden Church. Keep in mind, I have no idea if these pictures are real or not, but I hope so. I like the looks for all three villains, and while regular readers will not be surprised to find out that Sandman is a favorite, '90s poster boy Venom has actually kind of grown on me as well. If accurate, this Venom is spot on, and the early pictures I've seen of Sandman are perfect. I don't ordinarilly get all that excited about other-media adaptations of comics, but good stuff is good stuff, and I find I'm very excited about Spider-Man 3.

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