Friday, November 03, 2006

Wonder Woman Wants to Beat You to Death With a Live Warthog.

Clearly, Wonder Woman is full of hatred for man and beast alike. So much so that she's willing and able to batter one with the other! I think Infinite Crisis would have been greatly improved by having Wonder Woman bludgeon Maxwell Lord to death with a live warthog, but maybe that's just me.


Greg said...

Well, technically, she didn't kill Maxwell Lord in Infinite Crisis, but wouldn't ANY comic be greatly improved by someone bludgeoning someone else to death with a live warthog?

What an awesome cover. They just don't make comics like they used to.

Brian Hughes said...

I think she needs to permanently trade in that lasso for a warthog.

P.S. - Flex Mentallo part 3 is in the works.