Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas hates Again With the Comics

Christmas is bad. Dorian knows the score.

Valuable bitching-about-old-comics time has been lost to the yearly time-and-money vacuum that is "Christmas". Bah, humbug to Christmas, sir! Humbug indeed!

I've been hanging lights, addressing envelopes, and picking out gifts, but what about the comics? Won't somebody please think of the comics!?

In lieu of actual content, enjoy this evil, evil Dan Clowes comic from Eightball #14:

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coco67 said...

Man, oh man, you got that right! Preach on, brother man! As to the reason for the season, don't even get me started on the variety of pre-Christian rites co-opted to celebrate Mithras' birthday
(oops, Freudian slip!). Now howsabout coming up with some excuse to share 'The Happy Fisherman' or 'Why I Hate Sports' with everybody?

Happy Saturnalia!