Friday, December 01, 2006

Feelin' Froggy?

A matter of grave, grave importance has come to my attention, and I felt the need to address it immediately. For future reference:

LEAP FROG was a small-time solo crook named Vinnie Patilio who fought Daredevil and various other Superheroes before retiring from crime:

Frog-Man (Francois LeBlanc) was one of the Ani-Men, a gang of animal themed crooks who also fought Daredevil:
This makes Daredevil perhaps the only Superhero with two frog-themed villains. In your face, Batman! Note that Frog-Man has a yellow tunic and gloves while Leap Frog is solid green. Frog-Man has antennae, while Leap Frog has boot springs. Also, according to the internet, Frog-Man (LeBlanc) is dead. Probably "croaked" from shame. HAHAHA!

Furthering the confusion, Leap Frog's son, Eugene, has since donned the Leap Frog suit and occasionally acts as a c-list superhero named...FROG-MAN:

I hope that cleared things up.

(Custom Frog Man action figure created by Joe Acevedo.)


The Mutt said...

Gee thanks, Mister Hughes. I was just wondering about that. Say... You don't think...?

Hmmm, I wish someone would do a detailed analysis of Star Spangled War Stories with a special emphasis on The War that Time Forgot, particularly My Brothers with Wings. :)

Brian Hughes said...

When you brought it up in the comments, I realized that the whole world needs to know the truth about the Frogs.

I know all about the War that Time Forgot, but oddly, I don't own any of the comics. So I got nothin'.