Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Let the Thing Keep His Bling!

The ever-lovin' blue eyed Thing recently came into a financial windfall in Fantastic Four #328, instantly becoming one of the wealthiest men in the Marvel Universe. This was a very intriguing development, and we got a look at how the money affected Ben in his short-lived solo series, but nothing much was done with it in the main title. Ben has pretty much always lived on the Fantastic Four's dime, so I saw story potential in having Ben finance the then-financially-distressed quartet. A situation like that might have also provided an interesting new dynamic with Reed, but the book soon became embroiled in Civil War, and the money seemed forgotten. In the latest Fantastic Four #541, the government froze most of Ben's assets as a response to his migration to France to sit out the Civil War. I hope this isn't a backdoor way of stripping him of his wealth, because that would be a waste. I guess we'll see what, if anything, incoming FF scribe Dwayne McDuffie does with this plot thread.


The Fortress Keeper said...

Umm ... the government froze his assets?

Can't an American citizen choose to leave the country anymore in the Marvel U?

Oh yeah, I forgot. The pro-registration forces are "good guys."

Brian Hughes said...

They only left him with $3000 in traveler's checks. It read like a quickie reset of the $$$ story to me, but I hope not. It sounds to me like once the heroes register, they've basically been drafted by SHIELD (ref last weeks "She-Hulk") so I'm thinking civil rights are taking a super-beating here.