Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Fantastic Four Lineup.....SPOILERS!

UPDATED 12/15/06

Well, that was kinda cool. I had the scoop on this for about half a day, and got quite a few new visitors from it. Now the news is out everywhere, so I thought I'd talk about the new team.

by Dwayne McDuffie & Paul Pelletier
Cover by Michael Turner! In the aftermath of “Civil War” comes “Reconstruction,” the beginning of a stunning new era of fantastic adventure! With Reed and Sue taking a leave to work out their marital problems, it’s up to Ben and Johnny — and two new auxiliary team members — to carry on the fight!

So that's Storm and the Black Panther in the Fantastic Four for awhile, apparently. I'm sure Reed and Sue will be back soon enough, but until then, I'm definitely looking forward to this. McDuffie's a favorite, I've always enjoyed Pelletier's work, and I like seeing the FF shook up once in awhile.

Actually, I'm one of the few who are perfectly happy to see Storm and the Black Panther get married. I like Storm, but it doesn't seem like she had much to do in the ridiculously bloated X-men cast lately. I don't read many X-books, but wasn't she pretty much lost in the crowd? Now she's tied to the Panther, but at least it's something new for her.

The Panther is a natural to temporarily lead the team, as he debuted in Fantastic Four. I don't know how the two will fit Fantastic Four-ing in their busy royal schedule, but I'm sure they'll figure it out. Ask Spider-Man or Wolverine about time management in the Marvel U.

Johnny and Ben are still on board, I'm glad to see. I'm quite looking forward to seeing them work alongside T'challa and Ororo. Dwayne McDuffie, a new team, what's not to like?

That's all for now. Christmas crap beckons.


The Mutt said...

If Black Panther and Storm join the Fantastic Four it will make all of Civil War worthwhile. Coolness!

Spencer Carnage said...

The picture's broken. :(

Spencer Carnage said...

Gah! Tell me you saved a copy of that image. You directly linked to Diamond, who have since removed the image. This is a scoop, man! Post that picture up quick!

Brian Hughes said...

Fixed! Would have been fixed sooner if stupid "real life" hadn't demanded my attendance at a soul-draining hours-long meeting.

cease ill said...

Question is: what do you think of the Hickman run?

Brian Hughes said...

Pretty good so far, but losing Eaglesham so quickly was a blow.