Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What's Wrong With This Picture?

George Perez is nuts. Also fantastic.

Amazing as it is, this picture illustrates an unpleasant truth about both the Avengers and the Justice League of America: Far from being the "best of the best" in their respective universes, both teams will let ANY-DAMN-BODY join. Dozens of these super zeroes are simply not Avengers/JLA material, but over the decades, they've been added by writers wanting to "make their mark" on the team they're writing. That's how you end up with the likes of Deathcry, Rage, and Darkhawk as official Avengers, and G'nort, Yazz, and Bloodwynd as JLA. To compound the problem, various spin-off teams have popped up over the years, and apparently being a member of "Extreme Justice" earns you a JLA membership now, and crappy "Force Works" members like Moonraker get to be official Avengers. Now this picture, and indeed, the whole JLA/Avengers series was meant to include everyone who has ever been a member of either team, but that conceit really points out that for both teams, the bar for membership is set way, way too low.

What do you think, reader? What members of the Avengers and/or JLA baffle and confound you?


Spencer Carnage said...

That's how you end up with the likes of Deathcry, Rage, and Darkhawk as official Avengers

I will CUT you for insinuating characters like RAGE!!! and DARKHAWK!!! do not belong in the category of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Just sayin'.

Brian Hughes said...

Yikes! Hey, I don't have anything against those guys, but Avengers? Really??

Anonymous said...

I agree.

I really miss how the classic original JLA had a fairly static line-up of DC's most recognizable and popular properties and when a new character joined it was a major deal.

That said, even that run had Elongated Man and Zatanna lowering the standards a little bit.

Brian Hughes said...

My mini-rant is probably more appropriate to the JLA, as it always seemed to me that they were meant to be the elite of superteams, whereas the Avengers weren't, quite so much. It also has never been as big of a deal when the Avengers bring in a new member, as opposed to the more ceremonial JLA inductions.

Stephen said...

who is the fourth archer in this pic you got ollie, connor, clint and some blue guy?

Brian Hughes said...

That's Yondu, of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and -breifly- the Avengers.