Wednesday, June 28, 2006

FIRST READ: The books of 6/28/06

SPOILER WARNING: I’m going to discuss events in this weeks comics, specifically New Avengers #21, Fantastic Four #538, Front Line#2 and Amazing Spider-Man #533. So if you don’t wanna be SPOILED, read those first, then come back.
Sincerely – Spoily McSpoiler III

I have to admit, I'm really surprised at how much I'm digging Marvel's CIVIL WAR series, as well as the crossover issues. My early reaction to hearing of it was that it was a knee-jerk reaction to DC's Infinite Crisis and it would probably be slapped-together and unconvincing. I thought it would also undermine the impact of HOUSE of M, and I think it has...but y'know, those muties have been hogging the spotlight long enough, so to hell wid'em.

Anyway, New Avengers #21: Captain America and The Falcon kick ALL THE ASS IN THE WORLD, and then some. Captain America on the run is much more interesting to me than establishment Cap. I don’t find the Civil War scenario at all implausible - if superheroes did exist in our world, I’m sure they’d be as much of a “hot button” issue as anything else. It’s all grist for the mill. I think we’d find time for arguments about mutant rights or superhuman registration in-between fights about Iraq and gay marriage.

I also don’t have a hard time believing that Cap would take the anti-registration side. New Avengers #21 clarifies Cap’s stance: that before registration, the Marvels were beholden to no one; they could act in the best interests of humanity and not to promote any particular agenda. Under government oversight, they’d be off blowing up Iraq while GALACTUS is back in New York firing up the cosmic grill.

Meanwhile, over in Fantastic Four #538, the Fantastic Four are imploding as Reed and Sue are at odds, Ben’s on the fence, and Johnny’s in a coma (I know, I know, it’s really serious).

Front Line#2 and Amazing Spider-Man #533 continue their looks at the Spidey unmasking. Pete, you need to get the hell out now, son, or didn’t you notice half of your “allies’ were once THE MASTERS OF FREAKIN’ EVIL?!? Yeah, this isn’t going anywhere good for mister Parker.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The sensual MODOK


I, the incomparable MODOK have taken command!! You live at my sufferance!

The cretin Hughes is GONE AND HIS “BLOG”IS MINE! All who read this shall fall under my mental sway! You see, I too am a fan of your puny “comic books”. I find their puerile plots and insipid pictures a most amusing insight into the lives of you microbrains. But I purchased a comic yesterday that was…different. It stirred feelings in me that I had long thought dead. And now I feel compelled to share my thoughts with you, dear reader. OBEY MODOK!!

I, MODOK, hear a great deal about how “sexist” comics are. Frankly I don’t see it. Look at me, I’m a giant, wrinkly floating head with little bitty arms and legs. Normal so-called “babes” just don’t do a thing for me. Given my condition, I’ve developed certain, shall we say, peculiar tastes. Which brings us to GIGANTA.

In JUSTICE, Alex Ross, Jim Kreuger and Doug Braithewaite have been presenting their ultimate battle between the JLA and the Legion of Doom. In issue number six, we finally get to see Ross' re-imagining of longtime Wonder Woman foe, Giganta...

WHOA MOMMA! Now dat's what I'M talkin about!

(ahem) Now you see what I am up against. It made me think of how few truly sexy sensual women are found in the comics. Even one with such mighty mentality such as myself could only come up with a scant few examples. PATHETIC FOOLS! MODOK BIDS YOU, CHECK OUT THESE HOTTIES!

That's actually my ex- old lady, Ms. MODOK. Yeah, I tapped that!

TWISTER-She's way too skinny...but those eyes.. those lips... Grrrrll!

Marvel's a great place to work. where else can a guy like me have not just one, but TWO chick versions of himself? MODAM is apparently the accursed Henry Pym's ex-wife! Small world, huh?

Behold OGRESS! I calculate a 98.999765934 % probability that I could spend all day crawlin' all over that.

Ha ha! puny microbrains! now that you have seen the erotic side of MODOK, you cannot unsee it! I bid you return to your pathetic, meaningless lives! As for me, I shall return control to the fool Hughes. I have more important matters to attend to...a little thing I like to call ABSOLUTE GLOBAL DOMINATION!


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What I'm Buying: 21 June 06

X Isle #1 (Of 5), $2.99 – BOOM! has been a real surprise, turning out consistent quality work with little fanfare. Based on their track record, I'll try this.

Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose Dlx Ed #38, $19.99 – Um, no. Just…no.

Comic Book Holocaust GN, $9.95 – Evil fun at the expense of Marvel and DC from the pen of Johnny Ryan.

52 Week #7, $2.50 – Pacing problems aside, this is still better than a weekly comic has any right to be. Needs more Question, though.
All Star Superman #4, $2.99 – Zee zee zee! It’s the Jimmy Olsen issue!
Flash The Fastest Man Alive #1, $2.99
Justice #6 (Of 12), $3.50
Manhunter #23, $2.99
Showcase Presents Superman Vol 2 TPB, $16.99 – A big fat brick of surreal silver age goofiness!
Superman Batman #27 (resolicited), $2.99 – (Maybe.)

Fallen Angel Idw #6, $3.99 – In which broken, crazy people plot to get out of town, literally. Plus: Why God doesn’t answer your prayers!

Casanova #1, $1.99 - Looks worth a try for two bucks.
Invincible Vol 6 Different World TPB, $14.95 - Whitley has finally agreed to go to the Hillman mixer with Dwayne. The only problem? He already has two other dates! Can Invincible save the day?

Captain America #19, $2.99 – This is kind of a lame duck entry, as everything’s been turned upside down by Civil War. I guess we’ll have to wait out this storyline to catch up with “real time”.
New Avengers #20, $2.99 – Another lame duck. I really don’t care about Mr. Glowy. I expect him to be dispatched with little fanfare so we can get on with Civil War fallout. But I ordered the Goddamned thing, so I suppose I’ll buy it.
Ultimates 2 #11, $2.99 – I have specific instructions, sealed in a safe deposit box, instructing my heirs to purchase Ultimates 2 #13 when it’s released, and read it to my grave, on the off-chance I can somehow hear them in the afterlife. I expect this will happen in some sort of cyber-cemetary with virtual tombstones.

110 Per Cent GN, $12.95
- Tony Consiglio is way underrated, and doesn’t do nearly enough comics work. Apparently this is about a boy band and the middle aged moms that love them? Whatever – I’m on board.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

I've had a great one so far. I'm past the point where it suprises me that this is "my" holiday. I got some snacks, some clothes, and a laser level/stud finder/AC wire detector, (which I could've used yesterday when I was hanging a mirror). I'm a lucky duck.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

You diseased maniac!

After the series Crisis on Infinite Earths, John Byrne's Superman revamp re-introduced the Man of Steel and his world in a new continuity, pressing the restart button, if you will. Byrne and/or Marv Wolfman (accounts vary) reenvisioned perrenial Superman foe Lex Luthor as the wealthiest, most respected businessman in Metropolis. I liked this direction, and it worked well for almost two decades, culminating in Luthor achieving the ultimate position of power: the Presidency.
Well, that's about as far as DC could really go with the untouchable businessman routine, which is why I'm glad to see him back in full fledged "mad scientist" mode again in this weeks Superman# 653.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Speculation on the fallout of Civil War# 2

“My name is Peter Parker and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was fifteen years old.”

Wow. Big big stuff in Civil War #2 this week, eh? I didn’t really expect them to go through with it, but I’ve got to give ‘em credit. "Any questions?" indeed.

I’ve long been in favor of letting things change and evolve in the Marvel and DC universes. I think imaginative writers can keep characters true to their core characteristics (in Peter’s case, his sense of responsibility) while changing their external circumstances.

There are, of course, dozens of ways to undo this in the Marvel Universe. Doctor Strange, The Beyonder, those are two of the toppa my head.

I’ll say I’m intrigued, with reservations. On one hand, for as much as Joe Q has been bitchin’ about the Spider-Man marriage, he may have just left a MUCH bigger mess for the next guy.

On the other hand, I think I know where they’re going with this. This is purely my opinion,but based on internet scuttlebutt, online interviews, and the story as presented, SPECULATIVE SPOILERS follow:

I think Peter’s revelation will give him a brief glimpse of the good life: Aunt May and MJ are proud, the government loves him, he’s in the spotlight, etc…
Then there’s a big Civil War battle. Peter, of course is tormented by his conscience. That’s when something terrible happens that causes him to defect to the other side.

Now he’s hated, hunted, and he’s pissed off half of the Marvel Universe.

Finally, in CW #7, we get back to Aunt May. Yes, for the last few days, May has been front and center, defending her nephew in the press and in public. The stress and activity have been bringing back old pains, and facing mobs of people burning her Peter in effigy isn’t helping. Now she’s found her way to the edge of the big final battle. Peter’s in there, and she wants to see him. She moves in closer. Rioters, demonstrators, and police are clashing at the perimeter of a huge superhuman brawl.

Peter, in combat with Iron Man doesn’t see his Aunt until it’s too late, and he holds her as she dies.

So in the aftermath, Peter has to disappear, and take a new identity. He and MJ would probably have to separate in a witness protection type deal, and Spidey has to start a new life with a new ID.

In New York, of course.

When people talk about what the elements of a “classic” Spiderman story are, a lot of the same concepts come up: loner. Hard-luck. Single. This direction would return those elements, at the cost of Peter Parker.

He’ll need a new name. I call “Ben Reilly”.

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Statement o' Purpose

Hidely-ho, interneighbor!
My name is Brian Hughes, and I've been toying with the idea of starting one of these things for long enough!
Time to subject the world to my unwanted, unasked-for opinions!
Yay fun!
So, like I said, name’s Brian, 37, I’m an Electrical Engineer, and I have a beautiful wife and an awesome little son.
I love ‘em, but this ain’t about ‘em.
This is about my longtime love of comics. I’ve been reading them all of my life, it seems, and I somehow still get my thrills keeping up with the twists and turns in all their plotlines. It started with an issue of “Marvel Tales” whose primary focus was Harry Osborn out of his mind on drugs, and it was all downhill from there.
For awhile, I only read Spideys, through which I was dimly aware of the larger Marvel Universe. Then a neighbor loaned me five grocery bags of mid-70’s Marvels, and of course, I was gone.
Hooked for life.
So look for a variety of crap here, as I figure out what I want to write about. I wanna share my love of the original old Marvel super villains (The Beetle, MODOK, Porcupine- I heart them all). I want to write about new comics, but I probably won’t review them. Some of the comics in those bags I mentioned earlier were “Howard The Duck” and I want to talk about that.

Incoherent ramblings? Only if you’re lucky!
I don’t know how prolific I’ll be, but I’ll strive to always bring the finest quality poorly researched entertainment to you, the comic-blog reading public!