Friday, January 05, 2007

After the Snow, an Avalanche of New Comics

Thanks to the Colorado blizzards, I missed my comics two weeks ago and last weeks books were delayed to this week, leading to an avalanche of new comics. Twenty-two new books in all, including two issues each of 52 and Civil War: Front Line. In 52 I'm holding out hope for The Question; we haven't actually seen him die, yet. Come on, Charlie, somehow miraculously survive!

Civil War: Front Line #10 brings the death of Speedball and the birth of Penance. I'm not a doctor or anything, but shouldn't he just keep losing blood 'til he drops? He probably has a "healing factor" now - who knows? To see such a happy-go-lucky character take such a severe turn is pretty disturbing, to be sure.

Nextwave #11 rockets to it's conclusion with the craziest issue yet. The team takes the battle straight to the Beyond corporation, with zombie Dirk Anger in pursuit, leading to a wordless, side-scrolling battle royale between Nextwave and armies of weird menace. Warren Ellis laughs and counts his money while Stuart Immonen provides six stunning double-page spreads of mayhem, featuring It: the Living Colossus, The Living Brain, Beasts of Berlin, Infants Terrible, M.O.D.Elvii, and a giant ape Wolverine. Immonen has made leaps in ability these last couple of years, and this is great stuff. I actually don't mind that Nextwave ends with #12, as I can't imagine how anyone could top this.

Detective #827 brings Scarface back, with Sugar: a new, more disturbing female Ventriloquist. Clearly, there's more to that dummy than meets the eye.

Black Panther #23 begins with the funeral of Bill Foster, as his family is understandably not too thrilled with seeing him buried wrapped in a tarp and chains. Panther picks a side, and we see that Goliath may not necessarily be gone forever:
That's all for now. More commentary to come...

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