Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Character Obscura: The Glob

Let Mike Sterling have his Swamp Thing - my introduction to the "man turned swamp monster" concept was via the Glob in Incredible Hulk #129. Of course, later on I found out about Man Thing, and then Swamp thing, and then the Heap, so the Glob is sort of the William Henry Harrison of Swamp monsters. I liked him as a kid, anyway.

Did...did the Glob just pimp-slap the Hulk ?!?


Spencer Carnage said...

That cover reads so well if you just imagine Shatner's voice coming out of Hulk's mouth.

Brian Hughes said...

Heh. And why is the Hulk worried about falling, anyway?

Accursed Interloper said...

Yeah, and why is Hulkie explaining about gravity to the Glob. And waitaminnit whaddaya MEAN he can't hold on? He's the frickin' HULK! Is there a banana peel flying off-panel at the bottom of the page and is that steel beam in his hand busted loose from the ... pant pant ... why am I even thinking about this? What an amazingly stupid cover this must be, to have the power to raise these questions. Worst of all, why am I pretty sure I actually still own a copy of this issue? And how long will it take me to dig it out, and give it away to the neighbor kid, along with that whole run of this title? I never liked that kid anyway.