Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good News For Stilt-Man Fans!

As if they didn't have enough problems already, Stilt-Man fans suffered a blow recently when the bandy-legged supervillain was shot in the groin with an RPG by the Punisher in Punisher War Journal #1. I posted a eulogy here awhile back, mourning comics' loss, when commentor "R-Lex" pointed out that a new Stilt-Man had been introduced in Marvel Team Up #9. From the issue in question:

Looks like that may have been the guy Punisher whacked. Punisher War Journal #4 is supposed to feature the funeral of Stilt-Man, and the deceased may well be identified as Wilbur Day at that point, but who cares? Either way, there's still another Stilt-Man out there somewhere, and that's good enough for me! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm of to search the internet for Stilt-Man armor schematics.

Stilt Power Forever!!

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