Friday, January 26, 2007

Little Man, What Now?

I've been meaning to mention how much I've been enjoying Gail Simone's All New Atom series, and this article at Newsarama just made that task a lot easier. Gail explains how the All New Atom came to be, her thoughts behind the stories she's writing, and hints of future plans, including the return of Ray Palmer, and more importantly, the BUG-EYED BANDIT.

The book isn't exactly setting the sales charts afire, being one of those fun light-hearted series that fans seem to clamor for, but never actually buy. Artistic instability hasn't helped, nor has the fact that it's a new guy, Ryan Choi, stepping into the suit. I'll never understand why fans are so resistant to change when they weren't buying the old character. I think Gail's been doing a great job of introducing Ryan and bringing him into the newly weird Ivy Town. I also like that Ivy Town is weird as a direct result of the previous Atom's presence. I just wish (MIKE NORTON) that they could get (MIKE NORTON) a regular artist (MIKE NORTON) on the book.


Daniel said...

I think the only reason I like Mike Norton too is because he's the closest to Joyn Bryne, except with cleaner inking.

I just want Eddy Barrows back. He did a better with the immediacy in my opinion.

And you're right, too. People complain about there not being any absolutely fun books from the big two, and Shadowpact, Atom, Tales of the Unexpected and Mystery in Space are bottoming out. Shame really.

Brian Hughes said...

I wasn't crazy about Barrows, but I've liked Norton's style since I first saw it it his and Sean McKeever's "Waiting Place" series.