Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Simple Supergirl Solution

There’s been a lot of controversy in the “blogosphere” lately over Supergirl. I won’t point out any one article – they’re everywhere- but the general consensus is that the most recent iteration of Supergirl is too skinny, too sexed-up, and too, well, trashy to be an acceptable Supergirl. I haven’t been buying her book (can’t say I’ve ever been much of a Supergirl fan) but the art I’ve seen is all nipples, torso, and micro miniskirts. It’s a bit much for a sixteen year old, yes? I like cheesecake as much as the next guy, but with teens, it’s just skeevy. Apparently, the modern Supergirl’s behavior is also questionable at best, with complaints of an angry, confused Kara smoking and partying, but again, I’m not reading, so I couldn’t say. One need not be a regular reader to see that there’s definitely a problem if the editor has to show up, hat in hand, begging for female readers on the “DC Nation” page. The thing is, if DC wants to course-correct, they have the perfect solution right in front of them:

The DC Animated Universe has become it’s own thing, but their Kara was pretty much perfect: Cute, but not a Lolita. Brash, but not obnoxious. She has realistic body proportions. She loves her cousin and wants to be like him, but definitely has her own mind. Her outfit is cute, but age-appropriate, though I wouldn’t know how fashionable it is or isn’t. DC wouldn’t even have to retcon her (most recent) origins, just tweak a few things – isn’t there some plotline about her being sent to kill Kal-El? I’d ditch that, and say it was a hoax. Supergirl should like Superman, okay? It’s weird - for all the trouble DC is having with this character, it seems to me that the solution is right under their noses. Whadda YOU think?


Avi Green said...

I think your thoughts are about the same as mine - it's not the bare midriff design that's a problem, and Stargirl wears an almost similar costume too and I never heard a whisper of complaint about that. Rather, it's their sloppy writing and likely editorial mandates that are! What would be welcome just now is if they were to give her a secret identity for her to live in at daytime while going to school, and a cast not unlike that of her cousin Kal-El's. Is that so hard for them to do?

Brian Hughes said...

It seems like that would be a lot easier than changing direction every third issue, doesn't it?

Fortress Keeper said...

You hit the nail on the head.

In fact, that issue of Supergirl Adventures is one of my favorite Kara stories of all time!

Brian Hughes said...

I've got a whole essay in me about the DC Animated Universe, and what a fantastic job those guys did over the last decade and a half. Wonderful stuff.