Monday, January 15, 2007

The King and Queen of the Fantastic Four

I love this cover to Black Panther #27. It is, of course, an homage to Fantastic Four#3, and it's about time someone picked a different cover to ape than FF#1. Looks like this confirms what's been rumored up until now, that the Black Panther and Storm will be filling in for Reed and Sue Richards as members of the Fantastic Four, with the Thing and the Human Torch returning to the team after brief absences.

Works for me. I like both Storm and the Panther, and I've mentioned before that I don't mind changes to the FF's roster. The Panther is practically family to the FF, having made his debut in Fantastic Four #52, and frequent visits thereafter. I don't believe I've ever seen Storm interact with the Fantastic Four much at all, so it ought to be fun watching her put up with Johnny and Ben.

This points out one thing that I don't think I've seen mentioned before: the Black Panther/Storm marriage has served to free Ororo up from the X-Men line of books, whose notoriously oppressive editorial control has kept her and most other mutants off-limits to the rest of the Marvel Universe for the last couple of decades. I know that when I started hearing rumors that one of the X-Men would be joining the New Avengers, I hoped it would be Storm. They went with Wolverine, of course. Now I get the last laugh, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Dwayne McDuffie has in store for the new Fantastic Four!


Chris Laffoon said...

I'm personally at odds with the possible changes. I've never been a huge FF fan or a Black Panther fan but I've always loved Storm. Even in some of the horrible outfits she's been given over the years. I don't really like the fact that she married Black Panther but it did make sense. I still think Forge was a better fit for her. I'm an X-geek though. Maybe I'll actually give the new FF stuff a shot though if she's one of them though. I'm always willing to see how something works before I condemn it. Except Superman...HATE Superman anything.

Brian Hughes said...

Dwayne McDuffie is a good writer, so I look forward to seeing how he handles FF. I'm still not sure how the Panther/Storm marriage will play out long-term, but hey, at least she's stuck in a different rut now.