Thursday, February 22, 2007

About the Big Death in Civil War #7...

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At some point the rumor got out that there would be a major death in Civil War #7, with everyone from Captain America to Mister Fantastic to Hercules thought to be the fallen son. Well, CW#7 is finally out and the news is... there was no "Big Death" in Civil War #7.

And THANK YOU for that, Marvel.

Well, okay, there was this:
But A:That rocked, and B:"Clor" was a plot device that no one liked anyway. Civil War was more about the death of friendships and a way of life - well, that and teeth-shattering blows to the face and head. We didn't need "The DEATH of YELLOWJACKET" or whatever to sell that.

I'm glad because I've become thoroughly bored by the pointless shock value deaths that have been rampant at both Marvel and DC in the last few years. Death has become such a devalued coin that it's never a matter of if, but when, a dead superhero will return. I'm hard pressed to think of any major character who hasn't "died" and returned, some several times. Death, in short, is a yawn.

DC is just as bad, by the way, with characters dying and returning at a dizzying rate, not to mention every goofball silver age villain resurfacing as a baby-heart-eating serial killer or sexual deviant, and someone dies to prove how hardcore he is now.

I'm not saying this out of misty-eyed longing for the good old days either. A well written, effective death scene can be fantastic, but we see few of those. Death has become toothless, a lazy shortcut to dispose of unwanted cast members, stoke up cheap melodrama, and establish a villains "badass cred" by racking up a body count of C-listers. Most comic book deaths are handled clumsily, and only make it necessary for the next writer to bring that character back in an even clumsier resurrection. It's become a bore and a cliche, so it's time to get more creative.

So thanks, Marvel for not killing Cap, Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, or, um, Tagak the Leopard Lord! Maybe this is the beginning of the end of this ridiculous cycle!

(Reads Punisher War Journal #4)

...Er, never @#$%ing mind.


LurkerWithout said...

Re: Punisher War Journal

I've said this elsewhere, but Frank needs to change his codename to Scourge of the Underworld. Because thats apparantly what Fraction is writing. Which is too bad because I think Fraction is awesome. Just not here...

Carla said...

Yeah, I was wondering a bit about that myself. I think you're right and that the old real death was of the Age of the Superhero.

Anonymous said...

Barry Allen. Gone dead and stayed dead, though 10:1 "Bart" is Barry in disguise.

Anonymous said...

But only Stilt-man stayed dead!
Too bad the rest of them needed burn treatment and pumped stoumachs