Friday, February 16, 2007

The Final Question

Let's all take a moment to say goodbye to Victor Sage, a.k.a. Charles Victor Szasz, a.k.a. The Question, who died recently in DC's 52, succumbing to cancer after grooming Renee Montoya to take his place. I’m sure Vic will be back, someday, of course, either as an Elseworlds or as part of the next multiversal shakeup, but for now, this is about as permanent as comic book deaths get. At least we still have the awesome animated Justice League Unlimited version, so there’s always the possibility of him showing up in the DC Animated Universe. Voiced by Jeffery Combs, JLU's Question was a cool kind of conspiracy theorist with a fast car and an equally crazy girlfriend in the Huntress:

Created in 1967 by Steve Ditko, Question initially reflected the artist's objectivist beliefs, handling conflicts in the starkest of black and white terms:

DC purchased a whole raft of Charlton properties, and thus Vic Sage made his return in a 1987 series. Writer Dennis O'Neil and artist Denys Cowan had a very different take from Ditko's, but after 36 monthly issues and a short-lived Question Quarterly title, the duo made the character their own:

Rick Veitch and Tommy Lee Edwards took a Stab at 'ol no-face in 2005, recasting him as a sort of urban shaman. It was an ambitious and clever take on the character, but it didn't sell very well:

Now, longtime Batman supporting character Renee Montoya will don the featureless mask. I have mixed feelings about this, though I have nothing against Montoya.I think Charlie/Vic was an unusually complex and multifaceted character, and it’s a shame to see him go. Will Renee make her (question) mark? Only time can answer that Question.


Gaeasoldier said...

Excellent points on The Question in the DCAU. Isn't Justice League Unlimited done? The only DCAU property I know that is still out there is that new Legion show. How about that essay on the DCAU you mentioned a while back? That would be great to hear, err, read.

Brian Hughes said...

I've got plans, all I need now is a magic stopwatch that freezes time.