Friday, February 09, 2007

A Lilliputian Logjam

I know that Marvel and DC don’t coordinate their publishing schedules with one another, but maybe they should. Isn’t it kind of odd that The All New Atom and The Irredeemable Ant-Man both come out on the same day every month? With no superstar artists or TV writers in the mix, both books have been coming out reliably, and both are scheduled to ship in the same week, so some of us get a double dose of itty-bitty action each month. While both books are about size-changing replacements for older heroes, the personalities of the two and the tone of their respective stories couldn’t be more different. Of the two, I prefer the Atom, but Ant-Man has been interesting, as we rarely see such an unlikable protagonist in a superhero story. Sales on both titles are pretty low, so it probably won’t be long until both are cancelled, but in the meantime, the Atom/Ant combo might benefit from some breathing room.

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