Monday, February 12, 2007


Behold, fools! Fear the day when I GROW SEVEN MONSTERS! Seven GIANT monsters, in full glowing color!! All those who e'er have wronged me are a mere $1.25 and weeks from their HORRIFIC DEMISE at the claws and fangs of SEVEN GIANT MONSTERS!

Run if you must, puny fools! You only delay the inevitable. Soon, my Seven Giant Monsters shall arrive, soon shall they begin their unholy growth! Soon shall they grow fantastic plant "hair" alive before my very eyes! Thrills and chills await you when you see seven amazing plant creatures come to life!!

Then, the harrowing. As my Seven Giant Monsters destroy city after city, as crowds are crushed 'neath their horned heels, you dogs shall all know who is the Master. It shall make for an incredible "science project" indeed!

Pathetic worms! Quaver in unthinking terror, knowing that your days are numbered! Know that soon I will GROW SEVEN MONSTERS!


Loren said...

Ch-ch-ch-chia pet...MONSTERS. :)

SallyP said...

Awww...that's so cute! They can hang out with my Sea Monkeys.