Monday, February 19, 2007

SSSHHHHH..... Odin's Sleeping!

AAaaawwww...! Will you look at that l'il cutie? Little guy's all tuckered out! They look so innocent when they're asleep. It almost makes you forget what terrors they are during the day...
Click image to Allfather-Size

I scored a copy of Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor from Journey Into Mystery (#111-120 & Annual #1) for a mere 15 bones, and I'm currently immersed in Thor Lore. I never read much Thor as a kid, so much this is new Lee/Kirby material to me. Kirby was so great he could even make a picture of a sleeping senior citizen look exciting and majestic.


SallyP said...

Funny thing about Odin. It seems that every time things started to get a bit dicey, he'd run off and do his "Odin Sleep" thing. Thor would have to handle the crises, and then Odin would wake up and everything would be taken care of.

Such a deal!

Brian Hughes said...

I gotta try that at work.

Bully said...

1. You know, that's a mighty narrow bed for Head Norse God, isn't it?

2. Hey look...he's got his Cactus Alarm Clock by his bed. And it's set on "snooze."