Friday, March 09, 2007

Again With the Links: Civil War Con Carnage, and Clones!

Mmmm…delicious link sausage!

Spencer Carnage has given us several shout outs over at Of Course, Yeah! And it’s high time I returned the favor. He’s responsible for the laff-tastic Get Your Civil War On and just yesterday he posted a very well done article about new readers, kids, and that dreaded impenetrable continuity that’s absolutely dead on. Go check it out.

This is a few years old now, but I’ve always wanted a permanent link to The Life of Reilly, the 35-part magnum opus of Andrew Goletz and Glenn Greenberg detailing the chaos that surrounded the Spider-Man Clone saga. An exhaustive look at all the planning and pitfalls that occur when accounting is running the company. Marvel spent most of the 90’s in a state of panic, and this is a fascinating window into that era of madness.


Spencer Carnage said...

Thanks, man! And now I got something to waste my time on for today as well!

Jason said...

Holy crap, the clone saga coincided with my longest respite from comics fandom, so this will be an interesting way to catch up.

Thanks for the link.