Thursday, March 01, 2007

Character Obscura: Vengeance

As if Ghost Rider wasn't terrifying enough, here comes Vengeance!! He's Ghost Rider...TO THE MAX!!!!!!!

You could almost hear the blaring rock anthem as Vengeance came roaring into the '90s on a flaming, skeletal Hog. Vengeance was Ghost Rider's obligatory "Venom", as Venom was huge at the time and Marvel never met a success it didn't milk to death. (curr ref. Marvel Zombies)

A black, inhuman skull bathed in red flame (what the hell is that a skull of anyway?!?), bristling with improbably long spikes, and wrapped in chains of bone, Vengeance will never be mistaken for a shy, retiring milquetoast. He is, however, the very personification of '90s Wicked Kewl. Rock on, Vengeance!


Harvey Jerkwater said...

What kind of skull is that?

It's the SKULL OF PURE ROCKIN' POWER! If you put the picture of Vengeance up to your ear, you can hear an electric guitar totally shred, man!

Spencer Carnage said...

When I first read this, I thought it was "bones of love." Would have been so much funnier if it was.

LurkerWithout said...

Blaze to Ketch to Vengeance

Captain America to USAgent

Spidey to Venom to Carnage to all those other symbiote/human heroes and villians

Thor to Thunderstrike

Iron Man to War Machine

Brian Hughes said...

Haw! I knew if I waited long enough, someone would list 'em for me.

Mar Omega said...

Always nice to see one of my drawings floating around the internet. It would be nice to see a caption that said "VENGEANCE art by Mar Omega" somewhere up there. You can find more of my Ghost Rider-related work at or