Sunday, March 04, 2007

Make Civil War No More

Marvel's Civil War is over, and to no one's great surprise, the pro-registration side won. I think it turned out the only way it could have, really. Captain America wasn't going to reverse the law by rebelling, and I doubt he ever expected to. As a reader and fan, I was cheering on the rebels, but if I actually lived in the Marvel Universe, I'd probably be relieved.

As fans, we've been conditioned to think of think about the Marvel Universe as a fantastic wonderland, but think about actually having to live there; a world pretty much the same as ours, with all the attendant strife and conflicts, but add in invasions from space, conquerors from the future, mutants, the Hulk, Atlantis, that mole-freak underground, and countless other horrors. A Super Human Registration Act would be inevitable in such a climate.

The final showdown subverted expectations, with Cap winning the battle, but Iron Man getting the ideological upper hand. Captain America backs down when he realizes that he's lost the argument, that the people are on Tony's side. Now the stage is set for Stark and Reed Richards to start changing the world. The Initiative looks interesting, and they seem to have some Utopian plans. I think things will probably roll along real smooth in the MU for awhile, making the inevitable blow-up all the more dramatic when the time comes. Whatever happens, I'll be watching.


LurkerWithout said...

Oh look Justice and Rage. Two former New Warriors now working for Tony instead of with the Spider-Man/Cage Avengers or the teen New Warriors restart. Yeah that makes sense...

Brian Hughes said...

I guess at this point, you're either on board with the Initiative or you're a fugitive. Rage and Justice are there, but no-one's saying they're happy about it.