Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Words! Words! I Grow Weary of Words!!

All images from Journey into Mystery #114&115, Drawn by Jack Kirby, with script by Stan Lee and Inks by the underrated Frankie Ray.


SallyP said...

Very nice. Wasn't there an issue where he ends up using a cardboard replica of Mjollnir, and the Absorbing Man has the subsequent strength of a paper bag.

Great stuff.

Dan said...

Amusing, as always. BTW, The underrated Frankie Ray is the underrated Frank Giacoia.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Part of the charm of old-skool Marvel was their understanding of super-powers.

" his hammer to transmute elements!"

"Can he do that?"

"It's a comic book. He can now."

Early FFs were loaded with crap like this. Namor's powers were a hilarious grab-bag of "sea-related" powers.

Can the Sub-Mariner see in the dark? Uh, sure, just like the cave fish!

Can Namor handle electric shocks? Yeah, he can absorb and redirect them, just like electric eels!

Electric eels can't absorb and redirect shocks? Eh, whattaya want? It's comic book science!

Modern writers like to set parameters and try to work within them. Old-tymey guys screwed with the parameters. Sweet.

Brian Hughes said...

Sally: I wouldn't be surprised. His powers have a way of ironically backfiring on him.

Dan: A lot of guys from that era worked full-time at DC and moolit(?) at Marvel, using pseudonyms to avoid getting fired. I liked his inks on Kirby.

Harvey: I liked the time Subby took on puffer fish powers and got all fat and spiky.