Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another Avengers Death? (SPOILERS)

Marvel sent this out yesterday with no further comment:

So now it looks like Hank Pym, a.k.a. Ant-Man, Giant Man, Goliath, Doctor Pym, and currently, Yellowjacket may be the next Avenger to die in Avengers: the Initiative #2. We’ll have to see how the story plays out, of course, but it sure looks like he’s decided to go out Blaze-of-Glory style. Hank Pym has been damaged goods as a character ever since a storyline in which he battered his then-wife, the Wasp. It happened over twenty years ago in one story, but the plot point was revived by a similar, but much more extreme, story in the Ultimates, and writers just can't seem to let it go. Pym has even been portrayed as suicidal before, specifically in West Coast Avengers #21, where he came this close to blowing his brains out before Firebird came in and talked him out of it. He’s been on various meds and dealing with depression since the Civil War began, so this may be where he checks out for good. Or as “for good” as anyone bows out in comics. There have also been hints of an Initiative Black Ops group with a big secret, so he may be faking his death to lead that...or something.

Avengers: the Initiative
is turning out to be one grim little book, with MVP getting Tillmanned in issue #1, and now this. Dan Slott promised that this book would be darker than anything else he's worked on, and it seems he wasn't lying. There’s always the possibility that this apparent death may turn out to be something else entirely in the overall story, but we’ll have to wait til Avengers: the Initiative #2 arrives to see.


The Mutt said...

Cap is dead. Thor is dead. Hulk is lost in space. Now Hank.

Jan better watch her back. Looks like Tony is trying to run the table.

Brian Hughes said...

I just realized that all of Cap's kooky quartet are out of commission too.

Anonymous said...

wow... tillmanned.

Alena said...

I really feel like Hank's been unfairly savaged over the years for that one incident. How many times have other heroes just about killed everyone due to mental control/temporary insanity? They've all been redeemed at some point or another, yet Hank's been ripped apart for something he did while completely, utterly unbalanced. He was borderline insane at that point, and he's never gotten any real help over the years for his problems -- so how can anyone have expected him to improve? The fact that he's managed to hold himself together save for a few (admittedly extreme) instances is rather impressive in and of itself, considering the amount of stress factors in his life.

If he hadn't lashed out at Jan, he would have been completely and utterly forgiven after defeating the Masters of Evil, and it likely wouldn't have been mentioned much after that. Yet, somehow, hitting Jan once in a time period during which he was psychotic is a million times worse than nearly killing all of the Avengers.