Tuesday, April 03, 2007

How's That For a Catch?

Archie Andrews made his debut in PEP #22, and for a short time, he and the Shield shared an uneasy co-existence on the covers, most of which depict the star-spangled superhero having a big belly laugh at Archie's expense. Eventually, Archie took over the covers, and indeed, all of PEP. So fuck you, Shield. This was back before the characters' design had evolved to it's "classic" cartoonier form, which makes the current realistic Archie experiment something of a throwback to earlier days. Here we see already weird-looking proto-Archie in disturbingly photo realistic fish form, gasping for breath, eyes agog, being reeled in by proto-Betty and proto-Veronica as the Shield looks on with sadistic glee. My nightmares should be interesting.

And...why are they telling The Flash that the Black Hood is now in PEP Comics?

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Vaklam said...

Oh, my.

The bow tie really sells the creepy fish/archie from hell image.