Monday, April 09, 2007

Lucky For You My Powers Wore Off Just Now!

And now, a word from FLY-MAN:

Yeah, you're lucky that my powers, which have a one hour time limit, just wore off! I'd have kicked your ass for sure, if that hadn't been the case! Yep, if my powers, exhausted from patrolling the city, hadn't worn off just'd be pickin' up teeth for sure!

I am a BAD ASS.

Too bad I'm extremely weak right now, or I'd show you just how mighty I can be! You're nowhere near mighty enough to join the Mighty Crusaders, or as I like to call us, the Fly's League of Awesome. Come back in about six hours, and I'll show you might! Actually, make it tomorrow-I'm pretty bushed. I could use a bite to eat, too, and I probably shouldn't fight on a full stomach...yeah, come back tomorrow!

Who needs you anyway? I'll make you pay for those cracks, when I'm not so tired! I didn't want to team up with you anyway! I'll probably show you...sometime in the near future!

Lucky for you my powers wore off just now!


Jason said...

Rule number 186 of Bad-Assery: Bad Asses do not say that they're "pooped".

coco67 said...

At least he didn't put his time limit/achilles heel in his NAME. I'm looking at you, Rex Tyler!