Monday, April 30, 2007

Meet Me at the Sphinx Part 4: Rise of Apocalypse?!?

Welcome to the the fourth of a three-part series examining one of Marvel’s strangest crossovers, a story that took 24 years to complete and spans Fantastic Four #19, Doctor Strange #53, and West Coast Avengers #22.

And apparently, we have a new entry.

Tim O'Neil of the Hurting sent me an e-mail about Rise of Apocalypse, a 1996 X-Men mini series :

I don't know if you're aware but there was actually a fourth component to the Rama Tut meta-crossover, published in the mid 90s. During the "Rise of Apocalypse" mini series it is established that the immortal X-Men villain Apocalypse was a slave of the Pharaohs during the reign of Rama Tut - and that (if memory serves me well) there was a slave revolt led by Apocalypse at the exact same time the FF were fighting Rama Tut.

Don't know if you ever saw that book - it's one of the better series Marvel spat out in the 90s. Not exactly a banner era for the company.

Yeah, this one was definitely off my radar, as I ignored the ocean of X-Men books back then. I never had any interest in Apocalypse, and I had no idea that Rise of Apocalypse had anything to do with the cross-time crossover, but apparently, Apocalypse was a slave owned by Rama-Tut, and rose to power after the events of Fantastic Four #19. There's a pretty thorough synopsis here, not far down the page.

I checked for Rise of Apocalypse at my local comic shop, but no luck. Thus a comic series that I couldn't have been less interested in last week becomes my holy grail. It seems I have some searching ahead of me, but if I can find this story, you'll be invited to "Meet Me at the Sphinx" for one last chapter.


SanctumSanctorumComix said...

I came close to buying a set of this 4-issue mini on eBay today, but then I found THIS site (LINK BELOW) and its write-up of the series.

The only cross-over is one with Rama Tut with an appearance by the Fantastic Four (since they WERE the only ones actually SEEN by anyone in the whole "meet me at the sphinx" epic).

So, since there's no Doctor Strange (or Avengers) to be had, I passed.

Here's the link.

Up to you if you wish to pursue it further.


Brian Hughes said...

Ugh. I was all excited to hear that there was a new chapter to this story that I'd never heard of, so I got the RoA series. I've since read it, and...ugh. It's like winning a raffle, only to find out the prize is a basket full of rattlesnakes.

I may add it to the MM@tS series at some point, but I'm in no hurry.