Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Avengers #29: Not Enough Night Nurse

I've been following both New and Mighty Avengers since the Civil War split the team into new, warring factions. It didn't take long for the two teams to have a showdown, and this issue showed what a power player Doctor Strange really is. NA #29 wasn't perfect, but it had several great moments (Jeryn Hogarth!) that made up for any flaws (Doctor Strange's cloak doesn't "go astral" with the rest of him) in the story. I'm kind of digging the renegade Avengers story more than I thought I would, although we're getting a bit too deep into ninja-ville for my liking.

There is one MAJOR problem so far: Where the heck is Night Nurse?

Doctor Strange: The Oath was a recent mini-series that also featured Night Nurse, assisting Doc throughout as the two developed a romantic attraction. The series, which presumably took place before Civil War, ended with Strange inviting her to continue her practice at the Sanctum Sanctorum, the the two kissed to seal the deal. Now, post Civil War, Doc is offering his seemingly-abandoned home to the New Avengers as a hideout...but no with no Night Nurse in sight. I hope Bendis was just unaware of developments in the Oath, and will write her into future stories. She could still run her clinic from the sanctum, but maybe the entry is now in a back alley seven or eight blocks away with a magic portal or whatever leading to the Sanctum. I'm sure the NA could use some extra medical help too. There could even be some good grist for drama if Night Nurse wanted to treat a pro-reg hero over Doc and the NA's protests. Brian Bendis was the guy who revived Night Nurse a few years back in Daredevil, so I can't imagine why he wouldn't want to use her. Come on, Bendis, more Night Nurse, please!

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You took the words right out of my mouth. GO NIGHT NURSE!

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember Night Nurse in some of the background shota in Civil War. My guess is that the New Avengers asked her to leave for her own security. But yeah Night Nurse is missed...and didn't the Oath lead you to believe she and Strange were gonna hook up?