Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Superman: All Choked Up!

Feelin’ blue? A little down? Are you “emo”? Superman feels your pain. He was emo before emo was even a thing to be. Yes, even the mighty Man of Steel has to choke back a manly tear once in awhile. Like R.E.M. says, everybody hurts sometimes…

Poor Superman! The burdens of his life are sometimes (CHOKE) just too much to bear. Who wouldn’t be on the verge of tears if they were turned into a lion? Or prematurely aged? It could be…(CHOKE) permanent this time!

I too, may find my chest hitching with barely restrained sobs if I (CHOKE) killed my girlfriend…this time for sure…or was betrayed by my (CHOKE) former best pal.

Superman wasn’t the only one roiling with painful emotions… even Krypto (CHOKE) had to fight back the pain sometimes. All of Superman's friends, and sometimes his enemies, got in on the (CHOKE) crying game.

Finally, who wouldn't weep at the death of Superman? Cry your hearts out, folks!

So long, pal! I'll (CHOKE) never forget you...!


SallyP said...

Great Caesar's Ghost, there's an awful lot of choking going on. But oddly, very little sniffling.

And yeah, Superman was a big ol' crybaby. Still is, for that matter.


Brad said...

So can we make sure that all the pissed off fan boys ranting about Supe's crying on a couple of recent covers see this post?

Brian Hughes said...

Sally- Yeah, he just weeps openly over Wonder Woman's (choke) cleavage these days.

brad- Sure, I could use the hits.

Anonymous said...

Supes really is the Morrisey of Krypton, ain't he?